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11 March

The 11th March was quite a popular day, with a Neilson in Govan, a Logan in Old Deer, a Hunter in Stevenston, an Oxley in Barnsley and a Watt in Tarves.

11 March 1740
Baptism of my ggggg aunt Mary Neilson at Govan, Renfrewshire, daughter of Walter Neilson and Mary Berrie. I haven’t traced her any further as nothing looks like her in the records, although there were quite a few with her name in the Glasgow area at the time.

11 March 1755
Birth of my ggggg aunt Catherine Logan at Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, daughter of George Logan and Elzabeth Morrice. There is nothing else for anyone of that name in the records for the time, so it looks as if she may have died young.

11 March 1806
Baptism of Joseph Hunter at Stevenston, son of my gggg aunt Margaret Haddow and my gggg uncle coal miner Robert Hunter. He is named in the 1819 minister’s census for Stevenston, at Cow Roading with his parents and sibllings and is probably one of the 6 children with his parents in the 1822 Stevenston list. He became a coal miner and married Margaret Frew in June 1826 at Stevenston. In 1841 they are at Boglemart, Stevenston with 6 children, but by 1851 had moved to Dalry where Joseph worked as an ironstone miner and had had 3 more children. They remained in Dalry and by 1861 Joseph was oversman at the pit. He died in Dalry in 1866, age 60, of miner’s asthma.

11 March 1832
Baptism of my ggg uncle James Oxley at Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of agricultural labourer Thomas Oxley and Sarah Grist. He’s with his parents in Barnsley in 1841, and then his father died. In 1851 James is a lodger in Barnsley and working as a coal miner, then he married Ann Durant in 1856. They have 1 child by 1861, and then he trail become a bit confused. It looks as if Ann is with her recently widowed brother in law in 1871, looking after his young children, and James Oxley is in Barnsley with their son. But in 1881 James is a brick maker in Barnsley living with his brother William, and there is no sign of Ann or his son. James is most probably the James Oxley who died in Barnsley in 1890.

11 March 1915 (born about 1845)
My ggg uncle John Watt was born in about 1845 in either Ellon or Tarves, son of James Watt and Margaret Symon, but no baptism record has survived. He is with his parents in 1851 and 1861 at Mill of Schivas, Tarves, where his father farmed 6 acres. By 1871, however, he has moved to Edinburgh ad is staying with his married sister Helen in Newington and working as a railway wagon driver. In 1876 he married Eliza Henderson at Newington, and they in South Leith in 1881 with 2 young children, John working as a railway guard. In 1891 he is a linesman with NBR, is still in South Leith, and he and Eliza have 2 more children, 1 of whom was a patient at the Edinburgh City Hospital for Infectious Diseases on census night – she survived whatever disease it was. In 1901 John is still a railway guard and at the same South Leith address, and he and his wife have all 4 of their children at home. John Watt died in 1915 in Edinburgh age 70.

4 February

Quite a few on the 4th. In Aberdeenshire there’s a ggggg grandmother; two brothers who had the same birthday, one who died in infancy and the other who became a police inspector in London; and a half gg aunt who married twice, went to Canada, but returned to Aberdeen. In Ayrshire, some gggg grandparents had a nameless baby boy baptised, there were two children who died in infancy, and there’s someone I can trace till his 20s then he disappears. Plus in Yorkshire there’s a brick maker who went to Lancashire, split up with his wife, and returned to Barnsley.

4 February 1751
Birth or baptism of my ggggg grandmother Helen Davidson at Rayne, daughter of Patrick Davidson and Jean Lamb. She married John Watt at Rayne in December 1775 and they had a large family of 11 children all baptised at Bourtie: their eldest was born at Mill of Collyhill, then they had children born at Lawelside, Blockhouse, Nether Mains and Mains of Thornton, which points to John Watt being a farm servant but always within the Bourtie parish.

4 February 1771
My gggg grandparents James Wilson and Agnes Smith had a son baptised at Stevenston, but he was not named and is simply listed as male Wilson in the OPR. I assume from this that he was not expected to live, and most probably died shortly after. If he didn’t, then not knowing his first name makes him impossible to research.

4 February 1828
Baptism of my ggg uncle William Oxley at Bolton upon Dearne, Yorkshire, son of Thomas Oxley and Sarah Grist. He’s in Wortley Street, Barnsley with his parents and siblings in 1841, his father an ag lab. William married Jane Galloway at Silkstone Parish Church in July 1850 and is described as a brick maker of Barnsley, son of Thomas Oxley tallow chandler. In the 1851 census William and his wife are in Park Row, Barnsley lodging with a widower who was a weaver, and Jane Oxley is also a weaver (her marriage certificate says she was the daughter of a weaver). By 1861 they had moved to Croft Street, Ashton under Lyme, Lancashire but did not have children: William is still a brick maker and Jane is a linen weaver. In 1866 William was a witness at his younger brother’s marriage, which coincidentally took place at the same church in Leeds where I was baptised. William and Jane, however, appear to have separated as Jane can be found in the 1871 census as housekeeper to a railway labourer in Little Horton, Bradford but there is no sign of William. In 1881 William Oxley turns up in Wilson Street, Barnsley as an unemployed quarryman living with his brother James and a lodger. Meanwhile, his wife Jane is with the same man she was with in 1871 as his wife, though she didn’t marry him until 1885. There is a death in Barnsley for William Oxley in 1884.

4 February 1846
Birth of James Strachan in Kilmarnock, son of miner John Francis Strachan and Jean Johnstone Loudon and grandson of my ggg uncle Thomas Strachan and Elizabeth Nisbet. James had died by the time of the 1851 census, and by then his family were living in Dalry.

4 February 1857
Birth of James Kean or Cain at Kilwinning, son of my gg aunt Agnes Strachan and coal miner William Cain and grandson of Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. He is with his family at Single Row, Kilwinning in 1861 and at 42 Byrehill Row, Kilwinning in 1871, by which time he was a coal miner, and in 1881 is a boarder next door at 40 Byrehill Row with the Ferguson family. After that I can find nothing for him so I’m not sure if he died, migrated or what.

4 February 1857
Birth of William Cowie at Ellon, son of William Cowie and Elizabeth Cheyne and grandson of my half gggg aunt Barbara McWilliam and William Cowie. As he’s not with his parents in the 1861 census and cannot be traced beyond that, it looks as if he died in infancy.

4 February 1859
Birth of Forbes Milne Cowie at Ellon, son of William Cowie and Elizabeth Cheyne and grandson of my half gggg aunt Barbara McWilliam and William Cowie (and brother of William above). Forbes is with his parents and siblings at Rose Cottage, Ythan Terrace, Ellon in 1861, his father a railway labourer, and at Littlemill Cottar’s House, Ellon on 1871, his father a farm servant. Forbes joined the police force as in 1881 he’s a 22 year old constable at the Police Station, Rochester Row, Westminster (London). Later in 1881 he was married at St George Hanover Square to Elspet Bothwell, who was from Scotland. By 1891 he’s become a police inspector, has 3 children born in Westminster and Fulham, and is living at Brice Road, Barnet, Middlesex. In 1901 he is still a police inspector with 6 children and is at Cleveland Gardens, Barnes, Surrey but has moved around as he has had children born in Kilburn, Enfield and New Malden. I’ve not been able to trace him beyond that, but when his son migrated to Canada in 1923 his nearest relative was Mrs. F M Cowie of Sunnyside Road, Aberdeen so perhaps Forbes eventually returned to Scotland.

4 February 1870
Birth of John King at Irvine, son of my gg aunt Jean (Jane) Strachan and James King and grandson of Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. He died the same year, in infancy.

4 February 1871
Birth of my half gg aunt Christian or Christina Fraser at Blackhill of Fortie, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, daughter of Alexander Fraser and his second wife Margaret Booth. She is with her parents and siblings at Fortie in 1871 where he father was an ag lab. Her grandfather William Fraser died in 1877 and her father took over the croft of Mosside, near Hatton. Christian is at Mosside in 1881, age 10 and at school. In January 1889 she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter at Mosside, and in December 1890 she married farm servant James Reid of Boddom. They are at Mortimer’s House, Boddom in the 1891 census and Christina’s daughter is listed as Margaret Reid, though Margaret didn’t name James Reid as her father when she married and used the surname Fraser so I doubt he was her father. James Reid died in 1891 and in 1895, at Mosside, Christina married farm servant James Andrews of Mintlaw. In 1911 Christina is at Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen with 5 children and James Andrews, a green keeper at the golf course, is a boarder at Hayfarm, Cruden. James Andrew died at Newhills, Aberdeen in 1923, and later that year widow Christina and her youngest son sailed to Canada to join her daughter Christina and son-in-law Neil Wood in Hamilton, Ontario. She returned to Scotland, however, as she died age 61 in 1932 at Woodend Hospital, Aberdeen and the informant was her married daughter Jemima Athieson.

3 February

Just the three today: two who died very young, and my Aunt Aggie who isn’t a blood relative but is very deserving of a mention.

3 February 1797
Baptism of my gggg uncle Samuel Oxley at Barnsley, son of William Oxley and Elizabeth. Samuel died at age 1 and was buried at St Mary’s, Barnsley on 24 February 1798.

3 February 1865
Alexander Wark was born at Irvine, Ayrshire, son of Catherine Mure Strachan and baker Charles Wark and grandson of my ggg uncle Peter Strachan and Margaret Boyle. He died when young, before 1871, by which time his parents had moved to Glasgow.

3 February 1899
Birth of Agnes Morton White at Muiravonside, Stirlingshire, who married my uncle Joseph Strachan in 1918 at Dailly, Ayrshire. Her father was a coal miner and in the 1901 census young Agnes is with her parents and siblings in Stirlingshire where her father was a winding engine keeper at a colliery. I’m not sure when they moved to Dailly but it must have been when Aggie, as she was known, was still young, as I remember one of my aunts mentioning Aunt Aggie’s “lovely Dailly accent”. She married my Uncle Joe in 1918 and they migrated to Canada in the mid 1920s, along with their two children – their third was born in Canada. In 1954 they came back to the UK for a holiday and visited my family in Leeds. Aunt Aggie died in Toronto in 1991 at the grand age of 92.

21 January

Just two Yorkshire ones today: an Oxley from Barnsley who married a coal agent and moved to Rochdale, and an Athorn from Barnsley who was a gas fitter.

21 January 1827
Baptism of Mary Oxley at St Mary’s Barnsley, Yorkshire, daughter of my gggg uncle William Oxley and Elizabeth. William is described as a coal miner on Mary’s baptism record. In 1841 Mary was a servant on a farm in Thurgoland, working for a 65 year old farmer with no-one else in the houshold – there were a few people her age on neighbouring farms who I hope she had contact with, otherwise it would have been a lonely life. Mary married coal miner Solomon Gledhill at Silkstone in 1847. I can’t find them in the 1851 census, but in 1861 Mary is a visitor with her widowed mother in Barnsley and Solomon is a coal agent in Castleton, Rochdale. Mary and Solomon are in Castleton in 1871, and there is no evidence that they had any children. Mary died in Rochdale in early 1878 at age 51, and her husband remarried about 18 months later.

21 January 1899
Birth of Henry Athorn registered in Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of my gg aunt Hester Green and John Amberson Athorn. He was baptised in March that year at Monk Bretton and his parents’ address was given as Cobden Terrace, Silver Street, Barnsley. In 1901, however, he is with his parents and a baby brother in Carlton, boarding with his mother’s married sister Lily Saxton. In 1911 Henry is with his grandmother Margaret Green nee Oxley and his aunt Sarah Green in Crookes Street, Barnsley – his parents, with 4 children, are not far away in Longcar Street. Henry’s father died in 1912, and in 1913 his mother remarried. Henry Athorn married Clara Smith in Barnsley in 1923 and at the time of his marriage was a gas fitter. They had 4 children. Henry died age 76 in 1899, in Barnsley.

3 January part 2: others born on this day

Title now amended to say January, not December!

3 January 1799
My ggg grandfather Thomas Oxley was baptised at St Mary’s Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of William and Elizabeth Oxley. All I know about William is that he married Sarah Grist on 31 July 1826, and they are in the 1841 census at Wortley Street, Barnsley with 7 children and Thomas is an agricultural labourer. He died before 1851, as in that year his wife Sarah is a widow living in Worsbrough and receiving parish relief.

3 January 1819
Baptism of Thomas Fisher at Tankersley, Yorkshire, son of my ggggg uncle Timothy Fisher and Mary Kaye. Thomas became an ironstone miner, an occupation he followed all his life, and he also lived all his life in Pilley village. He married Sarah Wharam in 1836 at Tankersley and they had 11 children, all born in Pilley. Thomas Fisher died age 55 in 1874.

3 January 1835
Baptism of my ggg aunt Ann Oxley at Barnsley, daughter of Thomas Oxley and Sarah Grist. She is with her parents and siblings at Wortley Street, Barnsley in 1841, her father an agricultural labourer, and in 1851 could be the Ann Oxley age 14 who is a servant to two hand loom weavers in Oxford Square, Barnsley. I can find no trace of her after that, but there is death of Ann Oxley in Barnsley in 1857, but the index did not include age at death at that time so I can’t be sure it’s her.

3 January 1903
My great uncle Harry Green was born at Armley, Leeds, Yorkshire, son of Joseph Green and Charlotte Senior, and he was baptised at St Stephen’s, Kirkstall, Leeds in May 1904. In 1911 he is at school and living with his parents and siblings at Station Parade, Kirkstall. He married Lena Gregory in 1927 in Bath, Somerset, and they had 3 children born in Leeds, the eldest of whom migrated, as an adult, to South Africa. I’m in regular contact with his youngest daughter born in 1947. Harry Green died in Leeds in 1975.

31 December

In Ayrshire, there were a lot of marriages on 31 December – clearly a popular day for tying the knot, though those who married on New Year’s Eve are not featured today as I have a birth date for them. Today’s births and baptisms include an 18th century Melville from Aberdeenshire, and in the 19th century a Strachan from Ayrshire, an Oxley and a Haigh descendant from Yorkshire, and a Watt from Aberdeenshire.

31 December 1779
Baptism of George Melville at Daviot, Aberdeenshire, son of my gggggg aunt Agnes Alexander and James Malvel or Melville. Nothing known about George’s younger days, but in 1821 he married Elizabeth Skene at Old Meldrum: he was 41 years old so it’s possible this was a second marriage, although there’s no record for an earlier marriage nor are there any baptism records for any children he may have had. But in 1841 he was a farmer at Sauchenton, Chapel of Garioch with wife Elizabeth and 3 farm servants. George and Elizabeth are at the same farm of 60 or 65 acres in 1851 and 1861, each time with 3 different farm servants. Unfortunately I’ve not located his death certificate, though he died between 1861 and 1871, as that may have shed more light.

31 December 1811
Birth of my ggg uncle Henry Strachan at Coltburn, near Muirkirk, Ayrshire, son of John Strachan and Agnes Neilson. The family moved to Riccarton and then to Shewalton Colliery, and it is at Shewalton Colliery that coal miner Henry married Ann Stewart in 1841. They did not have any children, and in 1851 are in Colliery Houses, Dreghorn taking care of two children of Henry’s brother Peter, who had died of fever and whose wife had also died. They are still in Dreghorn, at West Thornton Hamlet, in 1861 with one of brother Peter’s children and a niece of Ann’s. They remained in Dreghorn and in 1871 they have Ann’s elderly mother with them: by then Henry was working as watchman which indicates he may have not had the health and fitness required of a coal miner. This is confirmed by his 1872 application for Poor Relief which says he is a partially disabled coal miner and that his case is well know to the board as he had previously applied in 1870. He was given relief. His 1873 application says he was awarded 3 shilling a week and his disability was miners’ asthma. Henry Strachan died at Dreghorn in 1874 of chronic bronchitis.

31 December 1843
Baptism of my ggg aunt Emma Drusilla Oxley at Barnsley, Yorkshire, daughter of Thomas Oxley and Sarah Grist. She died at the age of 7 in 1850 at Barnsley.

31 December 1854
Baptism of John Womack at Royston, Yorkshire, son of my gggg aunt Maria Haigh and James Womack. John died at age 5 and was buried at Royston in April 1858.

31 December 1860
Birth of George Watt at Old Deer, so of George Watt and Mary Mutch and grandson of my gggg aunt Elizabeth Hutcheon and John Mutch. He died in 1861 at Old Deer, before his 1st birthday.

14 December

Just the one today: a Yorkshire Oxley who frustratingly disappears, though he seems to have married at the same church where I was baptised in Leeds.

14 December 1845
My ggg uncle Thomas Oxley was baptised at Barnsley, Yorkshire, the son of Thomas Oxley and Sarah Grist: his baptism says his father was a labourer. By 1851 Thomas’s father had died, and Thomas is in Worsbrough with his widowed mother and siblings. They had moved into Barnsley by 1861 and 16 year old Thomas was a glass blower. I suspect he is the Thomas Oxley from Barnsley who married Mary Anne Collins in Leeds in 1866, as their marriage certificate says his father was Thomas Oxley brickmaker, and at least one of his brothers became a brickmaker. The marriage, coincidentally, took place at the same church where I was baptised. Thomas and Mary Ann are living off Kirkstall Road in 1871 with 2 children, Thomas a labourer at a foundry. In 1881 Mary Ann Oxley, with 2 sons, is at the same location but there is no Thomas with her, though the census entry says she is married. By 1891 she is a widow, living with 1 of her sons. I can’t find a death registration for Thomas or a census entry for him after 1871, so he’s a puzzle.

21 November

Another long lived relative today: given how many on my family tree lived to well into their 90s I may have a long retirement ahead of me. Today is an Oxley from Yorkshire I can’t find in the records, a Strachan descendant from Ayrshire who stayed close to home, and a Logan of Aberdeenshire descendant born in Canada.

21 November 1824
Baptism of William Oxley at St Mary’s Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of my gggg uncle William Oxley and Elizabeth. And beyond that I do not know as I can’t find anything that looks like him in the records.

21 November 1894 death (born about 1838)
No baptism record exists for Robert Howat but he was born in 1838 in Kilmaurs, son of Peter Thomas Howat and Janet Strachan, and grandson of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. Peter didn’t venture far from home, which became Dreghorn when he was a child. He’s with his parents and many siblings in 1851 at Corsehill Square, Dreghorn and at 13 is already a coal miner. His father died in the 1850s and in 1860 Robert married Agnes Couper McKean at Dreghorn. Apart from a few years in Kilwinning during the 1860s, they lived in Dreghorn and had 11 children, Robert and his sons all coal miners. He died on 21 November 1894 and was buried in Dreghorn kirkyard. In 1901 his widow is a draper in Dreghorn, assisted by her dressmaker daughters and with one coal miner son still at home.

21 November 1873
Birth of Isabella George at Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, who is an example of how you can often find out more about people who lived in other countries than you can about those who stayed in the UK. Isabella was the daughter of my ggg aunt Barbara Logan and James George, who migrated from Aberdeenshire to Canada in April 1872. Isabella’s father became a farmer at Brant, and she’s there with her parents and siblings in 1881 and 1891. She married Isaac Herbert Dixon in about 1898 – they had 3 children and lived in Toronto, where Herbert worked as a foreman at a bond warehouse for Canadian Pacific Railway. Herbert died in 1924, so Isabella had a long widowhood as she died in Toronto in 1966 at age 93.

14 November

A Yorkshire ancestor for whom records are rather thin on the ground, an Aberdeenshire Logan who died of cancer at age 34, and a Strachan who spent 12 years in the army, so thanks to the availability online of digitised army records he has left a detailed record easily discoverable.

14 November 1793
Baptism of my gggg uncle William Oxley at Barnsley, son of William and Elizabeth Oxley of Pogmoor (now a suburb of Barnsley). He seems to have married an Elizabeth, though I can’t find a marriage, and there are children baptised at Barnsley to parents William and Elizabeth Oxley. That William is initially described as a bleacher, then as a collier. There is a William Oxley age 58 born Pogmoor – which is the right age and place – in the 1851 census with wife Elizabeth, in receipt of parish relief, so that looks like my man. William Oxley of Barnsley age 67 was buried at Barnsley St Mary in December 1859, so if it’s the same one he was buried at the same church as he was baptised.

14 November 1859
Birth of Elizabeth Logan at Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my ggg uncle James Logan and Jane Norrie. Her father was a farm servant ploughman and in 1861 Elizabeth is with her family in Foveran, but she isn’t with her family in the 1871 and I can’t find her elsewhere. She was 11 year old at the time so it’s possible she was out being a domestic servant but it’s also possible she was just missed off. She is working as a domestic servant by 1881, though, at Methlick for a farmer and his family. She married John Kynoch in 1887 at Savoch, and they are in Methlick on 1891, although shephard John was listed as absent from home. They had 3 children but also had 3 older children with different surnames with them, and I’m not sure who they were. Elizabeth Kynoch ms Logan died in July 1895 of cancer of the uterus at age 34. Her children went to live with their Kynoch grandmother in Methlick.

14 November 1872
Birth of William Young Strachan at Dreghorn, Ayrshire, son of John Strachan and Agnes Scott and grandson of my ggg uncle Munro Strachan and Janet Jamieson. He’s with his parents in 1881 and 1891 at Corsehll Square, Dreghorn, and became a coal miner. Then in 1893 he enlisted, on 23 May at Camp Irvine in Ayrshire, with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders for 7 years: his enlistment papers are online and say he was 5ft 4.5ins with grey eyes and brown hair, with a scar on his forehead and a large scare on his left thigh and right knee – which sounds as if he might have had a mining injury. He went to Glasgow the next day for his medical and was declared it. In October 1893 he was posted as a private, but for an unknown reason he deserted in May 1894. He was caught, however, and was convicted for desertion and loss of kit in September 1894 and spent nearly 2 months in prison before returning to duty. In December 1895 he was posted to India where he completed his 7 years, and received a bounty in order to extend his service by another 5 years. So he must have decided the army wasn’t too bad, after his early dislike! He returned to Scotland in 1905 and completed his service there. After his discharge, he married Jeanie Hamilton at Dalry, Ayrshire in 1907, and their son John was on in Dalry. They then moved to Stirlingshire and daughter Jeanie was born at St Ninians in 1911. By 1914 they were in Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, where William was a miner at the Cowie Colliery: he was registered to war service but put into the reserve due to his occupation – mining was a “reserved” occupation. He must have some kind of accident, though, as in 1917 an injury to his right leg made his unfit for war service. His wife Jeanie died in 1923 at Rutherglen but I’m not sure which of the deaths in the index might be William.

On 6 July

Today we’re at the start of a heat wave in Yorkshire – a very rare event! No idea what the weather was like when various ancestors were born.

6 July 1772
Birth of my gggg aunt Elizabeth Strachan, baptised on 12 July at Irvine, Ayrshire, daughter of Thomas Alexander and Susannah Alexander. Nothing else further found for her, unfortunately, so it’s possible she didn’t survive childhood. She’d have been about 19 when her parents and siblings moved from Ayrshire to Gorbals, Lanarkshire. In the Gorbals OPRs there is a baptism of Janet Barr in 1794 to John Barr and Betty Strachan, and a marriage for an Elizabeth Strachan to a Peter Strachan in Gorbals in 1804, but nothing found for either that positively links them to Thomas and Susannah.

6 July 1791
Birth of my gggg uncle Francis Oxley at Barnsley, Yorkshire, son of William Oxley and Elizabeth. His niece Margaret Oxley married my gg grandfather Joseph Green. Nothing else found for him in the records.

6 July 1798
Baptism of my gggg uncle John Green at Worsbrough, son of Joseph Green and Ann Cox. Unfortunately I’ve not found any reference to him in the records, so he may have died as a child.

6 July 1928
Birth in Toronto, Canada of my cousin Henry (Harry) Strachan, father of Betty who follows this blog. Pastor Harry Strachan sadly died in 2010 aged 81.

6 July 1973
Birth of my nephew Andrew’s wife Karen, in Australia. Happy Birthday Karen!