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10 October

Some important birthdays on the 10th: my mother and her grandmother shared a birthday, and they hoped I’d share it too but I decided to be born rather late. As well, there’s a 1716 Rock ancestor from Yorkshire, a 1725 Reid ancestor from Ayrshire and an 1802 Green ancestor from Yorkshire. It was a popular day to be born on my tree as there are also two from Aberdeenshire, and the wife of a cousin here in Leeds.

10 October 1716
Baptism of my ggggggg aunt Mary Rock at Worsbrough, daughter of Abraham Rock collier and mother not recorded. There is a marriage at Worsbrough in 1739 for Mary Rock and Joshua Berry, and children baptised at Worsbrough to Joshua Berry, mother not named. Trees on Ancestry have the mother of that Mary Rock as Joyce Froggett but no source is given and I haven’t found a record for a marriage of Abraham Rock and Joyce Froggett. The brother of Mary Rock, also named Abraham Rock, married Anne Leach and had a daughter Alice Rock who married my ggggg grandfather Joseph Green. However, there’s not enough evidence to say whether Alice Rock’s aunt Mary is the one who married Joshua Berry.

10 October 1725
Birth or baptism of Christian Reid at Kilwinning, Ayrshire daughter of Thomas Reid and Janet Eadie. This could be the Christian Reid who married John Alexander at Kilwinning in 1751, and went on to be the mother of Susannah Alexander, who was born at Auchinleck and could well be who Thomas Strachan married at Irvine in 1771. Due to records being so lacking detail back then, and no census data to refer, it’s impossible to say with any certainty that Christian born in 1725 is my ggggg grandmother, but it’s highly probable. Christian Reid had siblings called John, Elizabeth (Bessie), Thomas and Susan, which are all names that were given to children of Thomas Strachan and Susannah Alexander.

10 October 1802
Baptism of my gggg aunt Ann Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, daughter of Joseph Green and Ann Cox. A memorial inscription at Worsbrough records her death in 1806.

10 October 1830
Baptism of my ggg uncle William Fraser at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, son of William Fraser and Christian Hutcheon. He’s not with his parents in the 1841 or 1851 census, but in 1841 is possibly the William Fraser age 10 who was an ag lab at Cowgrieve Farm, near Peterhead where there was also a farm servant called John Hutchison who might have been related to William’s mother, and in 1851 he could be the William Fraser age 19 born Cruden who is a farm servant at Upper Brogan, Slains. However, at some point then became a shoemaker as he married Barbara Cordiner at Cruden – the marriage certificates says there were married at Cruden Toll Bar and that William was a shoemaker journeyman resident in Old Deer parish, and confirms his parents were William and Christian. One of the witnesses was William’s brother and my gg grandfather Alexander Fraser. Barbara Cordiner had had a daughter named Mary in 1856, who is subsequently named Mary Cordiner Fraser in the census and described as William’s daughter, so she may, or may not, have been William’s biological daughter. The first two children born after the marriage of William and Barbara were born at Peterhead, but by 1861 William and Barbara had settled at Kinknockie, Old Deer where William was a crofter and shoemaker, and they can be found there in the 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 census with a growing family: they had 8 children altogether and I have not yet researched them, so there’s something else I need to do. William Fraser died before 1899, as Mary Cordiner Fraser married that year and on her marriage certificate she names her father as William Fraser master shoemaker deceased.

10 October 1868
Birth of my great grandmother Charlotte Senior at Wakefield, Yorkshire, daughter of Edward Senior and Mary Simpson. She’s getting a post of her own, with pictures.

10 October 1872
Birth of Alexander Cowie at Ellon, Aberdeenshire, son of William Cowie and Elizabeth Cheyne and grandson of my half ggg aunt Barbara McWilliam and William Cowie. Alexander is with his parents at age 8 at Cairnhill Cottar House, Ellon in 1881, and is with his parents at their farm Balleraig at Keithhall in 1891 and 1901. I’ve not researched him any further.

10 October 1921
Birth of my mother Dorothy Fraser at Kirkstall, Leeds, Yorkshire, daughter of James Fraser and Clara Green, and wife of Robert Strachan. She’s also getting a post of her own, with pictures.

10 October 1953
And keeping up the tradition of having 10 October birthdays amongst my Yorkshire family, the wife of one of my cousins in Leeds was also born on 10 October.

On 26 June

Only two events today, so I’m catching up quickly. A dramatic start to Wimbledon is proving a distraction, though there was a bit of a lull this afternoon due to rain.

26 June 1720
Baptism of Elizabeth Rock at Worsbrough, Yorkshire who was my ggggggg aunt. She was the daughter of Abraham Rock, collier, but her mother was not named at her baptism. Nothing further found for her.

26 June 1817
Baptism of Jean Keith at Longside, Aberdeenshire, daughter of George Keith and Jean Simpson. In the 1841 census she’s an agricultural labourer in Longside parish working for farmer Robert Cassie. Later that year she married my gggg uncle James Booth, although I can’t find an OPR entry for their marriage. He was a labourer, and in the census for 1851, 1861 and 1871 they’re at Nether Kinmundy, where several of my ancestors lived. By 1881 they’d taken over a 6 acre croft at Redbog Road, Longside, which is very close to both Nether Kinmundy and the Fraser croft at Mosside. Jean (also Jane) died in 1895 at age 78.