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13 September

A busy day on the 13th: my great grandmother Mary Ann McInairney (McInerney?) and my uncle Joseph (Joe) Strachan – this post includes a lovely photo and a family anecdote about Uncle Joe. Plus a Strachan who migrated to Brisbane, Australia, a McWilliam from Aberdeenshire who migrated to Iowa, USA, and a Strachan descendent who I haven’t been able to trace beyond age 13.

13 September 1840
My great grandmother Mary Ann McInairney was baptised at Newcastle upon Tyne, England: the baptism record reads “Mary Mcaniny daughter of John Mcaniny and Sarah Marshall at St Mary”. I doubt if the surname was ever spelt correctly in the records! Her father John may have been born in Ireland and her mother Sarah was born in Kilmarnock. Despite a very through search I have not found the family in the 1841 census, frustratingly, but Mary Ann’s younger brothers were born in about1841 at Bellshill, Lanarkshire, about 1845 at Muirkirk, Ayrshire and about 1848 at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, and her father John had died by the time of the 1851 census. The family are at Low Church Lane, Kilmarnock in 1851, with their surname written as McNarnie, mother Sarah a pauper and hand sewer. They are then at 19 Fore Street, Kilmarnock in 1861, both Sarah and Mary Ann earning money as flowerers, which means they embroidered flowers onto muslin. As well as her three brothers, the family by then had two additions, illegitimate daughters of mother Sarah. Also at 19 Fore Street, as a boarder with the Owens family, was collier John McCrae. Mary Ann McInairney (as it spelt on the marriage certificate) and John McCrae were married at 19 Fore Street on 27 December 1861, John a coal miner and Mary Ann a hand sewer. They continued to live in Kilmarnock, at 6 Dean Lane in 1871, 40 Mill Lane in 1881 and 7 High Church Lane in 1891, and had 9 children, their 6th child being my grandmother Helen McCrae. John McCrae died in 1904 and in 1911 Mary Ann is at 26 New Street, Riccarton living with her married daughter Sarah Downie. Mary Ann McNearney (yet another spelling) died on 27 April 1912 “in her dwelling house at 33 High Street, Kilmarnock”. She must have been there on her own as there was a Procurator Fiscal’s report which concluded she died of natural causes.

13 September 1841
Birth of Janet Strachan at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, daughter of Peter Strachan and Ann Houston and granddaughter of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. She grew up in firstly Dreghorn and then Riccarton. Her mother died when Janet was about 10 years old and her father remarried. Can’t find Janet in 1861 census at age 19, but she married coal miner Alexander Inglis at Riccarton in 1865. In 1871 they are Cadger’s Road, Hurlford with 3 children and by 1881 they were at Kames Row, Muirkirk with 7 children. Then in 1887 they can be found on the passenger list for a ship bound for Brisbane, Australia with 7 children. Janet died ion 30 October 1906 in Brisbane and was buried at Toowong Cemetary.

13 September 1863
Birth of Jane McWilliam at New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my half gggg uncle Nathaniel McWilliam and Mary Yule, and granddaughter of my gggg grandmother Janet Sansgter. She migrated to the USA, with her family, in 1867 and they were in Post Township, Allamakee, Iowa in 1870, her father a farm labourer (and later to be a farmer). Jane, known as Jennie, married the wonderfully named Adelbert Monroe Lord Brainard in 1882 at Forest Mills, Iowa, and they took a lease on a farm in Allamakee County and had 10 children. Jennie’s husband died in 1917, and in 1925 she is living with her unmarried son William, a commercial traveller, in Clayton, Iowa, and then in Mendon, Iowa, in 1930. Jennie McWilliams Brainard died in November 1934 at Postville, Allamakee, Iowa.

13 September 1865
Birth of Janet Strachan Goble at Cathcart, Renfrewshire, daughter of my half ggg aunt Janet Spiers Strachan and John Skeoch Goble and granddaughter of my gg grandfather John Strachan and his second wife Jean Wallace. Janet’s father was a seaman, a ship’s chief officer in the merchant navy at the time of his daughter’s birth. In 1871 Janet is with her mother, her Goble grandfather and a Goble aunt at Waterside, Dundonald, and her father was at sea: he was killed by stabbing in August of that year in South America. In 1877 Janet’s mother married George Henderson Robertson. a pastry cook, at Poplar, London. In 1881 Janet age 13 and a message girl is with her mother, a baker’s wife (though George Robertson was not at home) at Kinning Park, Glasgow. And then they all disappear from the records – or rather, despite a through search I haven’t found them – so I have no idea what became of Janet Strachan Goble.

13 September 1895
Birth of my uncle Joseph Strachan at his McCrae grandparents’ home at High Church Lane, Kilmarnock. Joseph is with his parents at Crookedholm in 1901, and moved to Lanarkshire in around 1910 with his family: he’s with them at Mansion Street, Cambuslang in 1911, age 15 and a coal miner. He was the informant for his father’s death in November 1918. In December 1918 he married coal miner’s daughter Agnes Morton White (known as Aggie) at Dailly, Ayrshire, where Aggie came from. His occupation on his marriage certificate is a stoker on HMS Arran, usual residence Halfway, Cambuslang. Joseph went to Canada in 1925 to join his father-in-law William White who was already in Toronto, and Joseph’s wife and two young daughters joined him there in 1926. They had a son born in Toronto in 1928. Joseph joined the Baptist Church, a calling he passed on to his son and grandson. In 1954 Uncle Joe and Aunt Aggie (as I knew them) returned to the UK for a holiday, and visited my family in Leeds. I was only 3 years old at the time so my memory of it is very vague. Somewhere there is, I think, a photo taken at the time which I’ll have to try and track down. Joe and Agge Strachan both died within two weeks of each other in 1991 at the grand ages of 96 and 92.

Joe and Aggie for blog
My Uncle Joe and Aunt Aggie

And a family anecdote from when they visited us when I was three years old. Uncle Joe lead the saying of grace before dinner, and afterwards my big sister said “Judith didn’t have her eyes closed”. To which Uncle Joe or my father (I can’t remember which one it was) looked at her and asked “And how do you know?” A very good question!

On 30 August

Today: an early Sangster, a Strachan descendant who migrated to Australia, and a Strachan descendant who I haven’t researched beyond 1901.

30 August 1788
Birth of my ggggg aunt Barbara Sangster at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, daughter of John Sangster and Elizabeth Matthew and sister of Janet Sangster, mother of the illegitimate William Fraser.

30 August 1874
Birth of Alexander Inglis at Dreghorn, Ayrshire son of Alexander Inglis and Janet Strachan and great grandson of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. In 1881 he is at Kames Row, Muirkirk with his parents and siblings, his father and older brother stone miners. In 1887 the family migrated to Australia, arriving in Brisbane on 6 April 1887. A researcher on Ancestry has Alexander marrying Isabella Alexander at Brisbane in 1902 and having 5 children, with a 1952 death in Brisbane.

30 August 1889
Birth of John Strachan Tait at Parker’s Land, Crosshouse, Ayrshire, illegitimate son of Andrew Tait and Mary Strachan and great grandson of my ggg uncle Peter Strachan and Margaret Boyle. In 1891 John S Tait is with his grandparents, John and Christina Strachan, at Gatehead Road, Kilmaurs and his mother Mary is working as a servant to Andrew Hamilton, a diaryman of Kilmarnock. Mary Strachan married John McVie in 1894 at Kilmaurs, and in 1901 they are at Low Road, St Quivox with 5 children, the eldest John Strachan Tait.

On 17 August

All three today frustratingly disappear from the records.

17 August 1755
Birth of Charles Alexander, son of John Alexander and Christian Reid. I think he was the brother of Susannah Alexander who married Thomas Strachan – the 2nd, 3rd and 4th children of Thomas and Susannah were named John, Christian and Charles, which is reasonably good evidence for supporting my theory. He is therefore my ggggg uncle but sadly, his birth and baptism is the only reference I can find for him in the records, so I’ve no idea what became of him.

17 August 1842
Birth of Mary Morgan at Cruden, daughter of Arthur Morgan and Margaret Robb and granddaughter of my ggggg aunt Isabel Sangster and Peter Morgan. Her mother died a few years after Mary was born and her father remarried. In 1851 Mary Morgan age 8 is at Tillymaud, Cruden with her father, stepmother and siblings. Her father died in a quarrying accident in 1860. Mary cannot be found in the 1861 census nor is there a death or marriage from 1855 to 1861, so she may have died between 1851 and 1854.

17 August 1852
Birth of Jean Wallace Strachan at Dreghorn, daughter of Andrew Strachan and Elizabeth Strachan. Her parents Andrew and Elizabeth were cousins and were not married: Andrew was 16 years older than Elizabeth and had been widowed, and Elizabeth was housekeeper for him and his children in 1851. There is nothing to be found in the records for either Jean or her mother Elizabeth after the 1852 birth and baptism record, so it could be that they both died.

On 10 and 11 August

A double day due to my being “otherwise engaged” yesterday. Today includes the birth of my grandmother Helen McCrae, who gets a post with pictures of her own. And today there’s a birthday in Canada for Shannon who is 1 day and 111 years younger than her great grandmother.

10 August 1748
Birth of Elizabeth Matthew at Cruden, Aberdeenshire daughter of George Matthew, who is possibly the Elizabeth Matthew who married John Sangster at Cruden in 1774. If she was, then she’s my ggggg grandmother and the grandmother of William Fraser born illegitimate in 1805.

11 August 1833
Baptism of my ggg aunt Sarah Ann Green at Worsbrough, Yorkshire, daughter of William Green and Sarah Firth. Assumed she died in infancy as she’s in not with her parents in the 1841 census nor in the post-1837 death register. Her parents had another daughter they named Sarah born in 1850.

10 August 1867
Birth of Mary McGill Strachan at Kilmarnock, daughter of John Strachan and Christina Houston McGill and granddaughter of my ggg uncle Peter Strachan and Margaret Boyle. John and Christina had a daughter named Mary born in 1871 and there is no daughter Mary with them in the April 1971 census, so Mary born 1867 must have died in infancy.

10 August 1875
Birth of my grandmother Helen McCrae at 4 Dean Lane, Kilmarnock, daughter of John McCrae and Mary Ann McInairney – or McInerney, McNairnie or however you want to spell it. Helen is also called Ellen in the census, and in later life was known as Nelly. She died in 1944 in Cambuslang, Kilmarnock. See separate post for more details and pictures.

11 August 1986
Follower cousin Colin in Canada is celebrating the birthday of a granddaughter today. Happy birthday Shannon.

On 8 August

Ancestors had a busy day today. An Ayrshire Logan was born but needs more research; an Aberdeenshire Alexander lived and died in Rayne, an Aberdeenshire Logan died in his 20s, a McWilliam and Sangster descendent migrated to Iowa, USA, an Abeerdeenshire Hutcheon married a prison warden and moved to Kent, England, and a Strachan descendent from Galston needs more research.

8 August 1770
Birth of my gggg uncle William Logan at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, son of James Logan and Sarah Weir. I’ve not been able to find anything more as he must have died before the 1841 census. There are a couple of marriages for a William Logan in Kilmarnock, and several children baptised in Kilmarnock to a father William Logan, but without delving further it’s not known which, if any, might refer to him.

8 August 1831
Birth of Helen Alexander at Rayne, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my ggggg uncle John Alexander and Janet Morrison. Helen proved easy to research as she stayed in one place and didn’t get married. In 1841 she’s with her parents and siblings at Meikle Wartle, and in 1851 is in Burnside, Daviot, a house servant on a farm. By 1861 she’s with her widowed mother at Meikle Wartle and earning a living as a washerwoman. Her mother then died and in 1871 Helen is in the village of Wartle looking after her paternal uncle William Alexander. 1881 sees her at Greeny, Rayne, housekeeper for merchant and crofter George Straiton. Then by 1891 she’s head of her own household at Kirkton of Rayne, as a former domestic servant, and with her is her sister Anne Alexander, a dressmaker. Helen is still there in 1901 on her own, earning money as a knitter. She died in 1921 at Rayne at the age of 90.

8 August 1858 (born about 1832)
William Logan, son of my ggg grandparents John Logan and Ann Simpson, was born about 1832 in Old Deer though no baptism can be found. In 1841 he’s at Auchtilair, Old Deer with his farmer father, mother and siblings. By 1851 he’s working as a labourer for farmer Cruickshank in Cruden parish. William died in 1858 at Aberdeen Infirmary of fever, at the age of 26.

8 August 1861
Birth of Catherine McWilliam at New Pitsligo, daughter of Nathaniel McWilliam and Isobel Murison and granddaughter of my gggg grandmother Janet Sangster. Her mother died at about the same time Catherine was born, and her father remarried to Mary Yule. At some stage in the 1860s the family migrated to the USA, and Catherine is with her father and stepmother in the 1870 US census at Post Township, Iowa where her father is a farm labourer. I’ve not yet found anything for Catherine after that.

8 August 1868
Baptism of Henrietta Susan Hutcheon at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Keith Hutcheon and his second wife Ann McPherson. She is with her parents and siblings in Hatton, her father a tailor and letter carrier, in 1871 and again in 1881. By 1891 she is working as a domestic cook in Aberdeen. She married at Peterhead in 1897 to Owen Feeney: by 1901 they’d moved to England and were living at Sydney Road, Rochester, Kent with a daughter. Owen was born in Ireland and was working as a civil guard for the convict service. They’re still at Sydney Road in 1911 with a son, their daughter having died, and Owen is a prison warder. I haven’t traced them after that.

8 August 1891
Samuel McKelvie was born at Galston, Ayrshire, son of coal miner James Wagstaff McKelvie and Marion Strachan. He was the great grandson of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. Apart from finding him in the 1901 census with his parents and siblings at Henrietta Street, Hurlford, when he was still at school, I haven’t done any further research.

On 17 June

Quite a few 1700s ones today, a migration to Iowa plus an ancestor buried in an Aberdeenshire graveyard I’ll be visiting this week.

17 June 1705
Birth of what I strongly suspect is my gggg grandfather James Wilson at Stevenston, son of Patrick Wilson and Jean Clark: his daughter Jane Wilson married Duncan Murphie, their daughter Amelia married John Haddow, and his daughter Jean married Joseph Strachan. James Wilson married Agnes Smith

17 June 1722
Birth of John Reid at Kilwinning, who is possibly my gggggg uncle, son of Thomas Reid and Janet Eadie. His sister Christian is probably the one of married John Alexander and was the mother of Susannah Alexander, wife of Thomas Strachan. It’s very difficult to find out much about people who lived so long ago when you’ve no idea if they married or had children, especially when it’s a common name. Hence I’ve no idea what happened to him.

17 June 1733
Birth of Susan Reid at Kilwinning – sister of above. Again, nothing found as there are no marriage for a Susan Reid in Ayrshire at that time.

17 June 1781
Alexander Sansgter born at Cruden, my ggggg uncle and son of John Sansgter and Elizabeth Matthew. Not sure what happened to him as he doesn’t seem to have lived long enough to be in the 1841 census.

17 June 1822
Baptism of Jane Watt at Rayne, Aberdeenshire, my gggg aunt and daughter of Peter Watt and Helen Alexander. In 1841 she’s a female servant to the local miller, at Mill; of Wartle, Rayne. Then in 1847 she gave birth to an ilegitimate son, George Smart, and is with her parents and her son at Meikle Wartle, Rayne. In 1856 she had another illegitimate son, Alexander Harper, and in 1861 and is with her parents at Meikle Wartle, occupation stocking knitter. At the 1871 census she’s living with Janet Durno at Cushieston, just a couple of fields away from Meikle Wartle: Janet Durno has 5 children and is married to a farm servant who is not at home. By 1881, Jane is a bit further up the main road at the delightfully named Baldyquash living with her daughter-in-law Jane Harper, her son Alexander’s wife, and a young granddaughter while Alexander is away from home working as a farm servant. By 1891 she’s living on her on in Oldgateside Cottage, Culsamond, and is at Highmuir, Rayne on her own in 1901. In nearly all census, including 1901, her occupation is sticking knitter, knitter or wool knitter. Jane Watt – Jean on the headstone – died in February 1908 at the age of 82 at Warthill, near Meikle Wartle, and is on the Watt family memorial headstone in the kirkyard at Rayne (which I intend to visit next week).

17 June 1865
Birth of James McWilliam at New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire son of my half gggg uncle Nathaniel McWilliam and Mary Yule. He migrated to USA with his family when young, and they are in Post Township, Iowa in 1870, 1880 and 1883, by which time James was 17 and was still at school. I can’t find him in the records after that.

On 8 June

Today: someone whose niece marries the grandson of his wife’s uncle, someone who seems to have stayed in the same place but disappears from the census, and someone who spent her married life living next door to what was to become Prestwick airport.

8 June 1841
Birth of Arthur Morgan at Curden, son of Arthur Morgan and Catherine Morgan, and uncle of my great granddather’s second wife Helen Ann Morgan. He is with his parents and siblings in 1851 at Tillymaud, Cruden. In 1860 his father was killed in a quarry accident, and in 1861 Arthur and two of his sibllings are at Tillymaud working for farmer Alexander Gray: 19 year old Arthur is a ploughman. Her married Margaret Brown in Cruden in December 1861 and by 1871 they had 3 children: at the time of the census Arthur was at Coplandhill, Peterhead as a farm servant and Margaret Morgan was with her mother Elizabeth Fraser at Invernettie Brickworks, Peterhead. Arthur’s wife Margaret Brown was the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Fraser, who was the niece of the father of my illegitimate ggg grandfather William Fraser. Arthur niece would later marry William Fraser’s grandson William Fraser.

8 June 1865
Birth of Alexander Davidson McWilliam at Peterhead, son of my half gggg uncle David McWilliam and Elizabeth Ewan. He was the youngest of 11 children, and was the grandson of Janet Sangster, mother of William Fraser. In 1871 Alexander was with his family at Tanfield Place, Peterhead and his father was working as a sawyer. In 1881 the family are at 22 Chapel Street, Peterhead and 15 year old Alexander is a cooper. In 1885 he married Marion Cowie at Old Machar, and they then prove to be elusive in the census. However, Alexander Davidson McWilliam died in 1938, at the Royal Mental Hospital, Aberdeen, of duodenal ulcer and haematemesis, with a usual residence address of 5 George Street, Buchanhaven, Peterhead.

8 June 1871
Birth of Mary Strachan at Kilmarnock, daughter of John Strachan and Christina Houston McGill and granddaughter of my ggg uncle Peter Strachan and Margaret Boyle. Her father was a coal miner and in 1881 the family, including 9 year old Mary, are at 6 Low Road, Kilmaurs. In 1889 she gave birth to an illegitimate son, John Strachan Tait: Mary was working as a farm servant at the time and the father was a father servant, Andrew Tait. He was born at Parker’s Land, Crosshouse, which was probably her parents’ home. In 1891 Mary is working as a servant for dairyman Andrew Hamilton at Grange Street, Kilmarnock, and her son is with her parents at Gatehead Road, Kilmaurs. Mary married John McVie, a coal miner, in 1894 at Kilmaurs, and in 1901 they are at Low Road, St Quivox, which is in Whitletts next to what was to become Prestwick airport. They must have remained there for the rest of their lives as Mary died in 1949 at age 77 at Low Road, Whitletts.

On 2 June

A migration to Iowa, with the USA 1880 census says that ancestor’s wife was ill with a headache, and a Yorkshire ancestor who was a bleacher but might have died in Belfast.

2 June 1731
Birth of my gggg grandfather Alexander Marshall at Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. The son of Francis Marshall and Mary Gibson, he married Agnes Gibson in Beith in 1755 and they had at least 6 children, the first baptised in Kilmaurs and the rest baptised in Kilmarnock. Nothing known apart from that as there are no records. His son Robert Marshall had a daughter Sarah Marshall whose daughter Mary Ann McInerney married John McCrae.

2 June 1805
Baptism of Timothy Fisher at Royston, Yorkshire, son of Joseph Firth and Hannah Fisher and my gggg uncle. In 1825 he married Lydia Silverwood at Royston and they had at least 6 children. Timothy was a bleacher and in the census of 1841, 1851 and 1861 is at Swithen, near Kexborough – probably an idyllic rural spot back then but rather close to the M1 these days. After 1861 he then disappears – except there’s a burial at Royston in 1885 of Timothy Firth age 80, who died at White Rock, Belfast. This is the right name and age, and there’s a clear link to Royston, but what was he doing in Belfast?

2 June 1822
Birth of my half gggg uncle Nathaniel McWilliam at Longside, Aberdeenshire, son of Janet Sangster and William McWilliam and half brother to my gggg grandfather William Fraser. He seems to have been named after the son of the local doctor. In 1841 he’s with his widowed mother and sister Christian at Long Roy, Nether Kinmundy, Longside. His eldest child Jessie was born in 1845 at Tyrie, but Nathaniel and Jessie’s mother Isabel Muirson (or Murison) didn’t marry until 28 November 1847 at New Deer. As Nathaniel was a farm servant, the delay could have been due to him waiting until he could get a fee that came with a cottage: they married at the time of the November fee markets. In 1851 Nathaniel, Isabel, two children and Isabel’s elderly mother are at High Street, New Pitsligo, and Nathaniel is an ag lab. Nathaniel and Isabel had 6 children, and then Isabel died. Nathaniel remarried on 6 July 1863 to Mary Yule, who was heavily pregnant at the time, and they had two children baptised in New Pitsligo. The family then migrated, and can be found in the 1870 USA census at Post, Allamakee, Iowa where Nathaniel was a farm labourer, and there are 8 children still at home. By 1880, Nathaniel has become a farmer at Post, and acquired 3 more children : interestingly, his neighbours are all farmers and many of them come from Prussia or Norway. The census also says that his wife Mary was ill that day with a headache – a fascinating detail. By the state census in 1885, another daughter had arrived and Nathaniel, at 68, is still a farmer. He died in 1896 in Allamakee at age 74. In the 1900 census his widow states she has had 9 children, which means Nathaniel fathered a total of 15.

On 31 May

Two births in the 1700s today, which means not much is known about them as records are very thin on the ground when you get back that far.

31 May 1767
Birth or baptism of Jane Wilson in Stevenston, Ayrshire, daughter of James Wilson and Agnes Smith. She is my ggg grandmother and married Duncan Murphie (origins unknown) in Stevenston in 1787. Jane and Duncan had at least 6 children, including my gg grandmother Amelia Murphy. She is also the source of the name Wilson used as a first name for one of Amelia’s daughters. Nothing else is known as she lived too early for there to be records. The 1822 minister’s census for Stevenston lists Widow Murphy residing at Harbour Street with 8 children, but I don’t think this is Jane as nearly all her children would have grown up and left home by then. There are no families called Murphy in the 1819 minister’s census of Stevenston, but there are 23 families with the surname Wilson so Jane was likely to have been related to some if not all of them.

31 May 1778
Birth of Margaret Sangster at Cruden, daughter of John Sangster and Elizabeth Matthew, which makes Margaret my ggggg aunt. She is possibly the one who married Patrick Duguid at Cruden on 15 May 1796, but after that there’s no trace.

On 29 May

More coal miners in Ayrshire, farm servants in Aberdeenshire and another pair of twins.

29 May 1764
Baptism of Margaret Smith at New Deer, Aberdeenshire, daughter of John Smith and Margaret Birnie. I think her sister Catherine was my gggg grandmother and grandmother of my gg grandmother Mary Logan, first wife of Alexander Fraser. There are a couple of possible marriages for a Margaret Smith in the right time frame and right place, but no baptism records of children for either couple, and nothing in the 1841 census, so I’ve no idea whether any of the marriages are for the right Margaret.

29 May 1851
Birth of Margaret Brown at Kilwinning, daughter of John Brown and Mary Dunlop. Margaret’s father worked as a labourer and latterly watchman at Eglinton Ironworks where the family lived in worker’s housing. In 1873 Margaret married my half gg uncle Robert Strachan, son of Robert Strachan and his second wife Susan Cran. Robert also worked at Eglinton Ironworks, as a labourer, surfaceman and coal miner brusher, and he and Margaret had 6 children. They lived in Kilwinning, at Single Row, Front Row and Fergushill. Margaret died in Kilwinning in 1904 age 52.

29 May 1880
Birth of my half gg aunt Isabella Stuart Fraser at Mosside croft, Hatton, Aberdeenshire, daughter of Alexander Fraser and his second wife Margaret Booth. She’s with her parents at the family croft in 1881and 1891, then in 1901 at Maw, Ellon, as Bella Fraser age 20, cook domestic, along with her younger brother Thomas Fraser age 14 cattleman, at a farm run by Peter Craib. In 1903 she gave birth to an illegitimate son John Sangster, father John Sangster farm servant. Isabella married James Downie in 1908 and they lived in Ellon: in 1911 they are at Crosshill, Ellon where James Downie was a farm grieve, and have with them 2 children from James Downie’s first marriage and their infant daughter Margaret (Meg). Isabella’s son John Sangster is with his widowed grandmother and his aunt Jessie at Mosside croft. Isabella Stuart Downie nee Fraser died age 69 at Ellon.

29 May 1934
Birth of my cousin Helen McCrae Strachan, twin daughter of my uncle Henry Strachan aka Harry and his second wife Mary Campbell – although Mary wasn’t actually his wife as it was a bigamous marriage. (Naughty Uncle Harry!) Helen married and had children, and lived in Australia for a while, before returning to the UK and settling in North Shields. I’m in contact with her great nephew.

29 May 1934
Birth of my cousin Joseph McCrae Stachan, twin of Helen so same parents as above. He lived in South Shields, married and had children, and died in 2006.